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Dark Trail

Today is friday, what did my friday entale. Welll........I did nothing and sat on my ass until about 8:40. Ashley was going to call me when she got off work witch was between 8 and 9. I decided to go to the bathroom around 9:40. I got a feeling, and as I was in the bathroom and I said to myself, Ash is going to call "3, 2, 1," (snaps fingers) Ash called the second i snaped my fingers. It was so wierd. So I met ash at caribu, we left cuz bob was there, fuck him and kill that kid. We went to her house, then to where her parents were to get the key to her house. We ended up going ot Courqon Lake. We took the dark trail, and it scared the shit out of us. We then went to RO for about 10 minutes and took her home. What a great time we had. SHe rocks to hang out with. We decided we are going on a date soon, and she is paying. How awesome is that. I am glad I broke up with Myranda when I did.
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