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It has been a week since me and Myranda have started to go out. What a great week it was. She came over tonight,,,,wow it was fun. My parents had to leave for the hospital (if i talk about that i will probably start to cry and i don't wanna so i won't right now) and we were alone. I fed her chocolate liquor balls, put her in handcuffs and put a blind fold on her, then tickle her with a fury bracelet....then we had fun when i took the kinky stuff off her. We also wrestled, she thinks she won, but i was on top of her most of the time so i won. Today she also wrote me this sweet poem thing. It pretty much made me melt, it was so wonderful. This is what she wrote me:

why are you so beautiful how did i of all people find someone so wonderful,
someone that infects my thought like a virus capturing my blood stream. i
hear hou i smell you i taste you i feel you i see you even when your not
there. your taste remains on my lips. your scent fills the world around me
like an intoxicating love drug. i hear you and your voice overpowers my soul
and i am helpless against it. i imagine being in your arms and you never
letting me go in that i feel safe i see your eyes as they look through mine
and kiss my soul. and in you i am captured
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