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Wierd thing happened just now. Imali IMed me. It is pointless to summurize the conversation, cuz i saved it. She caught me in one of those profound, theory based wanted to justify everything moods. Lucky her i suppose. This is what happens when i am in one of those moods.

Dymond1324: hey can we talk
StrEEt PuNkeR: sure
StrEEt PuNkeR: whats up
Dymond1324: I know its not really my business but do you think that I have changed Pat for the worse
StrEEt PuNkeR: pat's changed there is no way what has changed him
StrEEt PuNkeR: *no way to find out
StrEEt PuNkeR: i would have to say he has changed for the worse though, everyone sees that
Dymond1324: well I guess i read that it was me who was responsibel
that he's not as out going as he used to be
StrEEt PuNkeR: how did u read that
Dymond1324: i have my ways
StrEEt PuNkeR: are u suggesting i said that?
Dymond1324: you have yours
Dymond1324: yeah i am
StrEEt PuNkeR: personally, i think u didn't change him, but as a result of going out with you he has changed
StrEEt PuNkeR: it is not hard to see that
StrEEt PuNkeR: it is more the relationship, not you as a person that changed him
Dymond1324: whats wrong with our relationship
Dymond1324: i love him with all of my heart
StrEEt PuNkeR: never said there was anything wrong
StrEEt PuNkeR: obviously you agree he has changed, if u didn't u would not have started this conversation
Dymond1324: well if it made him less than what he is or was then you obviously think it was my fault by bringing up our relationship

and dont you dare psychanalyse me!! The reason i brought this up is I wanted to know why one of his best friends thought he was less than he is!!
StrEEt PuNkeR: takes too much effort to try to be his best friend
StrEEt PuNkeR: i think he gave up on me first
Dymond1324: i dont think Pat the type to give up on anyone
StrEEt PuNkeR: i didn't either
Dymond1324: i dotn think he has given up on you!! Obvioulsy both of you had or have things in your life and not making enough time for each other
Dymond1324: and dont you dare blame me cause i barely get to see him during the week
StrEEt PuNkeR: o i agree
Dymond1324: then why dotn you make time
StrEEt PuNkeR: i never blamed you
Dymond1324: you blamed our relaionship for changing him
StrEEt PuNkeR: it sounds like you blame yourself subconsciencouly
Dymond1324: thank you Dr. Fruede
StrEEt PuNkeR: who cares it is not a bad change
Dymond1324: you just said it was "he has changed for the worse, everyone sees that"
StrEEt PuNkeR: you don't see that, so it can't be that bad
StrEEt PuNkeR: did he tell you to talk to me?
Dymond1324: omg Jason if you have a problem with him why dotn you talk to him instead of blaming it on me and us

no he didnt
Dymond1324: i just wanted to know why becuase this envolved me too
StrEEt PuNkeR: i am not blaming it on anyone
Dymond1324: why dont you go back and read your journal Jason cause it blames me
Dymond1324: or do you want to deny that too
StrEEt PuNkeR: lol
StrEEt PuNkeR: so u admit to reading my journal
StrEEt PuNkeR: u have no right to have any feelings about what i wrote in my journal.....i never asked u too read it, and most of it is my form of venting
Dymond1324: duh you never asked me if i read i read it awhile ago but i only read one entry and then i was told about the new one and how you blamed me...........but i didnt read it
StrEEt PuNkeR: i really don't care
Dymond1324: ok the only entry i ever read was the one that said " yeah i used to like Imali, but Pat likes her, etc."
Then i was told last week about the new one, and no i never read that one. But i just dont understand why you take your venting out on me
I never did anything to you
StrEEt PuNkeR: just because some people read it, doesn't mean i am not going to continue to write in it
Dymond1324: Did i tell you not to write it??
StrEEt PuNkeR: did i tell u to read it
Dymond1324: no but if it concern me i will..........i think i have the write to know when I'm bing talked about
StrEEt PuNkeR: it is my journal
StrEEt PuNkeR: i am not talking about u to anyone
StrEEt PuNkeR: i am talking about u in my head
StrEEt PuNkeR: it is my thoughts
Dymond1324: its on the screen
Dymond1324: its about me
StrEEt PuNkeR: the only thoughts i have that need no justification
Dymond1324: well if i invaded your space I'm so sorry.
But i dotn think that its fair for you to blame all the problems your having with Pat on me
StrEEt PuNkeR: i don't consider them problems
StrEEt PuNkeR: just observations
StrEEt PuNkeR: u can view it as that he grew up and i am still the same annoying manipulaive crazy asshole i once was
Dymond1324: I give up Jason!!!
I wanted to talk to you to see whats up and well obvioulsy all i'm getting from you is a hardy helping of your bruised ego
Dymond1324: good bye
StrEEt PuNkeR: i am indifferent to the subject
StrEEt PuNkeR: it doesn't bug me
StrEEt PuNkeR: the only thing that did bug me was the fact i lost another good friend
StrEEt PuNkeR: i never lost him though
StrEEt PuNkeR: so everything is all peachy
Dymond1324: Then dont let him get away
Dymond1324: What
StrEEt PuNkeR: confused?
Dymond1324: u think
StrEEt PuNkeR: no, actually i don't
Dymond1324: well i am you first say your lost a friend then your liek i never lost him though
Dymond1324: wuold you make up your mind
StrEEt PuNkeR: i meant both
StrEEt PuNkeR: people change
StrEEt PuNkeR: u don't like me anymore, do u?
Dymond1324: i never said that
StrEEt PuNkeR: never said u did say that
StrEEt PuNkeR: it was a question
StrEEt PuNkeR: in fact a yes or no question
Dymond1324: I dotn like what your saying about me
Dymond1324: yes i like you
StrEEt PuNkeR: i haven't really said anything about u
Dymond1324: again i dont agree with what your saying or the fact that your blaming me
Dymond1324: Jason read your jounal
StrEEt PuNkeR: i am going to clearify what i said right now
Dymond1324: ok
StrEEt PuNkeR: you as a person didn't change pat. Pat was not that happy before you came, and when u did he come he was happy. The feelings of people change people. This is the same thing in his case.
StrEEt PuNkeR: it goes further then that, but lets just stick to that
Dymond1324: if you say so
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