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Ideal cake

Lastnight was the night of Prom. Myranda was wonderful lastnight. It was a great evening. We went to prom and had lets of fun. It hurt to see Jenny crying. Her dad died the other day with no warning of it happening. She is taking it really bad, and still getting over her grandma's death. Her and Jon left prom around 10.....she was crying her eyes out. It hurt for me to see her like that. I wish I could make her feel 100% better, but no one can. After Prom, Me, Myranda, Pat, Anna, Krisinta, and Adam came back to my house. Everyone was gone by 1:30, but Myranda. We then put on A clock work orange, and we fell asleep in eachothers arms. We we woke up I kissed her gently on the mouth and on her neck. I rubbed all parts of her body over her gorgeous prom dress. I held her face in my hands as if I found a precious gem. Then I took her home.

Today..........well Jon and Marni are now going out. Marni won't shut up about him, I am really happy for them though. Jon made Marni a mix.....all the songs that are not punk were my suggestions. It was kinda amusing to see that. I found out something today. Basically it was Ashley has liked me since the Warped Tour last year, and she has a crush on me today. She told me this herself. I don't know what to say. There is not way I am cheating on myranda, but ashley has been the girl I have wanted for a long time. Lets face it....i am not going to get married to myranda, so when we are done she will always be there. It is just we never like eachother at the same time. If we did go out though I would be afraid she would leave me for nate, and I would be worried I could not do 2 things. Those 2 things are please her sexually, and handle her strong intense personality.

Myranda is wonderful though.....she is a great girl, and very pretty. The only thing is she makes me feel like I am her world. She told me today that I complete her. She says she loves me, and in a way it is smothering me. She has kinda become whatever I want or like. SHe never speaks out and does what she wants, and if she does it would be what i want. We never argue cuz she is always trying to please me it seems like. I want a girl that has strong opions....a girl that is not afraid to speak her mind. Ashley does this....but ashley is the more exaggeration side of this. Tara was an in between.....and manda was nothing. It is wierd, it seems like myranda would be ideal, but it is for a lil while, but I need that strong personality sometimes. I want her to just say....."lets see a movie, you have no choice we are seeing this movie." Or "I don't feel like doing anything tonight, I think I will just hang out here." She always wants to see me. SHe always wants to do what I want to do. She is always corny. THis might be my fault though. Cuz in the beginning of the relationship I wrote her poems about how infatuated I was with her. Now she is doing that back....just never never never ever stopping.
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