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Another one Bites the Dust

Today is my One Month with Myranda. Until yesterday I thought i was getting bored with her.....but I am wierd like that. She is wonderful. Today I didn't get to see her, and tomorrow is Cedar Point (yay) so i won't see her then....but friday I will get to see her. Today I made her a cd of all the songs that make me think of her or are about her to me. It has things to the cure, get up kids, fast, to boy kicks me, and laymeyer. It is all about her. What a wonderful girl.

Yesterday I talked to Pat. He has changed. I have been mean to him for a simple reason......it proved to me he changed. When he started to go out to Imali, he started to change. He is no longer as crazy, he is more mellow, and quite now. The main thing is, it takes effort to be his friend. What I mean is I feel he thinks he is doing me a favor by hanging out with me or talking to me. How he would rather be somewhere else. He never talks to me online anymore, and whatever he says, he has changed. Yesterday I told him this, and he told me he gave up on that trying to be an individual and stuff. He told me all those crazy things he did.....he doesn't find it entertaining anymore. That right there told me he changed. It really sucks, i feel like I lost my best friend. Imali changed him......he thinks he is inlove.
I am sure he is will get back to his crazy old self and come back once they break up. Girls come and go......but......friends are forever.
To PAT ------> If you ever end up reading this, don't tell me you did or bring up what i wrote in this entry. Never give me any kind of impression you saw this entry. I never want to know you read this.....thanks.

Best friends that have come and gone =(
- Justin
- Tara
- Adam
- Zach
- Manda
- Bob

THe ones I still have
- Ashley
- Marni
- Matt Pascoe
- Jon
- Myranda
- Pat? <----------?
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