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Paralyzed Dreamer

Laying on my side, with no conscious of my position in my bed. The world is dead to me. I dream, nothing exists but my mind. Only the bystanders can see how I lay in my bed, and what facial expressions sieze my face. Time flys past, hour after hour as I sleep in my bed. All of a sudden my eyes fling open. They open to aknowledge the terrible pain. I then cluntch onto my pillow biting my lip. That is soon over with, for the pain in my leg has now paralyzed every part of my body. I think to myself, "Hand on, hang on. The pain comes like a torando, but will subside in a minute." With all the effort I had, I strenghtened my leg out all the way. The pain roars like thunder through every area of my leg. THen.......it subsides. Sweat drips down my face from the struggle to live through the pain. I then breathe again, and crash on my pillow. My eyes slam shut and I am unconscious of the world again; I dream.
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