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For the past 2 or so weeks, my journal has been all about myranda, and things we write eachother. It probably seems like I am obssessed with her, but I really am not. I think it is going so well for two reasons. THe first and obvious reason is we have been going out for only 2 and a half weeks, and we are still in the perfect phaze. Also, because for the first time I am not dependent on my girlfriend. I don't feel I need to talk to her or see her everyday like it did with Tara and Manda. Well I have another thing I wrote myranda, i thought it was pretty good

Goodnight starlight. I feel no gravity when i think of you. You make me rise to the stars, float to the heavens, and soar with eagles. You make anything possible. Close your eyes your beautiful when u are sleeping. I say all your dreams will come true. It is a dream to hold you when you are sleeping, when i am sleeping next to you. What we got is something special......what we are is a perfect group. No matter what we do, it is always me and you. I know sometimes it is lonely while you are sleeping, but it is lonely for me too. It is alright, cuz know when i am sleeping, i am dreaming of you. We always have the stars to wish upon when we are under the same sky. The same night companies us every evening. Let the shadows trace your lips, let your mind go into total bliss. Because when I am sleeping, i am dreaming of tender kiss.
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